Stay Terms & Conditions

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Stay Terms & Condition.

Property access & Security.

Room Keys must not be left unattended.
Room Keys are for individual use only and must not be shared with other Residents or non-residents.
When leaving the Room all doors and windows must be locked.
Residents must not allow anyone to follow them into the building. Access to the property is restricted to Residents only and all Residents have been provided with keys.
Residents must not access unauthorized areas of the property (e.g. roof areas not designed for Resident’s use back office, control rooms etc.) under any circumstances.
Residents must not obstruct access to fire exists, wheelchair ramps, property access points or Room/Apartment doors.
If a Resident is locked out of the room appropriate identification must be provided to gain access to the Room (access provided free of charge in the first instance and at cost thereafter).

Agreement/Stay cancellation policy.

All Cancellation requests must be submitted to Blossom Stayz on Blossom Stayz App . 30 days prior notice required for any cancellation of agreement. ​A 2 Month Lock-in Period should be served before any cancellation request. (May Vary Property to Property)
Residents are bound by the Agreement terms until the agreement cancellation has been approved in writing by Blossom Stayz Management. Verbal Communication not Valid.
Please Note: We will prorate the amount if check in happens after the 7th of the month but checkout is always at the end of the month- on the last day of the month. The tariff collection is always on a month to month basis and full tariff for the month will be charged even if you are leaving in the middle of the month.

Security deposit refund policy.

Deposit refund policy

  • A INR 999 fee will be deducted at the time of vacating/ leaving the room for the purpose of deep cleaning .
  • Any unpaid utility / bill will be deducted from the security deposit amount and the balance amount will get refunded.
  • Mode of transfer :- All refund shall be processed via cheque or online transfer.
  • It shall take up to 15 working days to process the refund after obtaining the bank account details from the tenant.​​
  • If a resident fails to give any 30 days prior notice of vacating . Hence the entire amount will get forfeited.
  • Booking Amount Once Paid is only cancellable within 24 Hrs.

​Room Inspections and to Resident Rooms.

​Blossom Stayz may conduct Room inspections to identify potential issues and hazards and ensure that health, safety and cleanliness standards are maintained at a high level.
Residents are expected to pass inspections and adhere to the prescribed standards. Repeated failure to pass inspections will result in charges for professional cleaners and/or removalists to return the Room to the original condition (refer to the fees and Charges Schedule)

Noise Policy.

Noise must be kept to minimum in and around Blossom Stayz properties between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. If we receive a complaint from other Residents or neighbors in the surrounding residential area about noise and anti-social behaviour, disciplinary actions will be taken.

​Property Appearance and Modifications to Rooms.

​Residents are required to maintain their Room and common areas in a clean and presentable state at all times:

  • No posters or flyers are allowed to be put on windows or anywhere in common areas.
  • No items including laundry and towels can be hung over the balcony/terrace/window ledge.
  • Furniture provided in Rooms and share apartments must not be moved from the area.
  • Items that leave scratches, holes or marks on the walls, ceiling or anywhere else are not allowed to be affixed anywhere in the Room.
  • Large pieces of furniture, large musical instruments, air mattresses and other inflatable furniture are not allowed in the Room.

​Damage or Loss to the property.

Any additional electrical items such as dishwashers, fridges, freezers, Tumble dryers or washing machines are not allowed to be brought into rooms/share apartments. Any loss or damage to Blossom PG property including carpet/floor damage by a Resident or their guests will result in charges. If the damage is in a Resident Room, the Resident will be responsible for cleaning and or repair costs. If the damage is in a common area of the share apartment it will be charged equally between the Residents responsible for the damage unless one person admits to the damage.

Guest policy.

No guest of opposite gender will be allowed in the rooms of the tenants / residents .
If a guest stays with the resident a fee of INR 700 will be chargeable inclusive of meals (may vary property to property)
An Application has to be fulfilled by the resident/ Tenant at least 6 hours prior to the guest arrival . A maximum stay of 4 days will be allowed.
The resident/Host will be responsible for any act of the guest.
Proper identification proof has to be submitted before guest arrival. If a resident does not provide the ID proof of the guest in that case Blossom Stayz is free to ask the guest to leave from the premises at any given point of time.

Smoking/ Alcohol Policy

​Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the property.
Any Illegal substance like drugs/ Ganjha / weed or whatsoever stated in the governing law is strictly prohibited in the premises of Blossom Stayz.
Alcohol not to be consumed in common spaces. Prior permission from the roommates required if consuming in rooms.
Residents under the age of 25 years are prohibited from possessing or consuming alcohol.
Any instances of anti-social behaviour will be investigated by Blossom PG; failure to comply may lead to disciplinary actions.

Conduct & Behavior Policy.

We at Blossom Stayz Keep a try our utmost to keep a harmonious & environment across our Home's and hence

  • All Residents are requested to mutually respect the rights of all Residents, contractors and the Blossom Stayz team.
Misconduct, disruptive behavior or any act, which is deemed to be threatening or abusive, will not be tolerated.
  • Disruptive behavior is any behavior that by virtue of its intensity and/or repetitiveness compromises the health, safety and well being of other Residents, Blossom PG team or third party contractors and causes damage to Blossom Stayz or other Residents. Any instances of such behavior will be classed as a material breach of the Agreement and will lead to disciplinary action including termination of the Agreement.
​All Residents, the Blossom PG team contractions must ensure that they do not promote or engage in behavior that is perceived to be threatening or intimidating or causes any person to fear for their personal safety and well-being. Some examples of such behavior are:
  • *Harassment: Unwanted behavior that makes a person feel intimidated offended or humiliated.
  • *Sexual Harassment: Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature including unwelcome request for sexual favors where a person is offended , humiliated or intimidated and a reasonable person would have anticipated such offense.
  • *Bullying: Unreasonable behavior directed towards an individual or a group of individuals. Bullying includes verbal abuse such as yelling, screaming or offensive language, online bullying or physical abuse. Practices that humiliate, intimidate or abuse also constitute bullying.
  • *Cyber Bullying: Bullying that occurs through the use of technology such as internet, mobile device or camera.
  • *Discrimination: Less favorable treatment of a person or group on the basis of their background or personal characteristic rather that individual merits.y
  • Blossom PG does not tolerate any form of harassment, bullying or discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, relationship status, age, disability, political belief and religious belief. Any allegations of the above behavior will be treated seriously and may intimate disciplinary actions including eviction and reporting to authorities when appropriate.
  • All the Residents are cautioned not to indulge in unnecessary gossips/arguments in the premises.
    As well as outside the premises. This affects the image of the occupants and premises." of Blossom Pg . As it also effect the environment of the premises.

Weapons and Firearms.

The possession of weapons or firearms by a Resident or guest is strictly prohibited. Weapons and Firearms include but are not limited to:
Knives or swords, Batons, Daggers, Guns, Rifles, Dart Projectors, Tasers, Cross-Bows, Slingshots.
Any Resident found to be in possession of weapons or firearms will face disciplinary actions, including termination of Agreement and being reported to authorities.

Booking and cancellation.

All the Bookings can be Cancelled within 24 hours of original booking. Post that no cancellations can be made.

General Rules.

All issues reported within 7 days of move-in (verbal communication to anyone would not be sufficient) . To be either Mailed or must be Communicated Via Blossom Stayz App. Gambling is not permitted in the property.​ Disciplinary action may be taken against any Resident found gambling at Blossom Stayz. Blossom Stayz reserves all rights to change any Policy regulations.